Whether you are a small family business supplying specialized industrial components or a company with a catalogue of thousands of different products, we have the technical expertise and the language skills to bring your products to the world. The following are some of the products and brands we have dealt with:

Manufacturing, packaging and machine tools
Subject: Egg-packaging machines, pallet loaders, conveyor belts, sorters, slitting machines, industrial presses, interleavers, x-ray sorters, generator sets, dosing stations, machine tools, pumps, valves, wire drawing, circuit board printers, semiconductors, infrared sensors, bearings, milling machines, separators, rolling guides, measuring probes, filling and capping machines
Brands: Prinzen, Pirelli, Mühlbauer, BVG, Jobs, Packaging Europe, Millennium Power, Cummins Power Generation, Vpower, MTD Research, Turboden, Omron, LS Cable, Fotoba International, Ravetti, Belimo, Sun Automation Group, SES, Evide, Boels, Omnicells, Alfa Laval, APT, IKO, Sidermes, Nicem, John Crane, Torninova, Big Daishowa, Acma, Digikey, Glimek, Borsig, Haarslev Industries, Keyence

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