Technical translation is a huge and varied field. This page is a witness to our versatility and expertise with a broad array of project across many different industries.

Gas & Oil, Energy, Solar

Subject: Safety valves, Claus plants, substations, retractor tools, electrical cabinets, drilling systems

Brands: GE Energy, Cormon, EnVest, Interstar Technology Group, Den Hartogh, Euro Support, Schneider Electrics, Drillmec, Enef Tech

Scientific devices, medical devices

Subject: Chemical measurement devices, blood analysis machines, ammonia condensing units, dynamometers, metrology systems, facial imaging systems, defibrillators

Brands: Sysmex, Gage, Canfield, Thermo Scientific, Cardiac Science, Blom Singer, Physio Control, Hach, Siemens

Miscellaneous systems

Subject: Soundproofing solutions, CCTV and surveillance devices, air filters, air conditioning systems, fire extinguishing systems

Brands: Ecophon, Toshiba, Teledata, Aeris, Getinge, Wormald

Office and home electronics and appliances

Subject: Printers, faxes, computers, projectors, cameras, TVs, audio systems, home-theatre systems, microwave ovens, amateur radio transceivers, GPS, coffee machines, monitors, sewing machines, warmers

Brands: Canon, Epson, Olympus, Sony, Brothers, Meliconi, Kenwood, TomTom, Garmin, Moka Sirs, Sanus, HP, HID Global, Franklin, Samsung, Sharp, American DJ, Chauvet, Elektrobit, Kyocera, Sanyo, Yamaha, Onkyo, Fujitsu, Hatco


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