Each project requires an individual assessment and approach. For this reason we will provide you with a FREE quote upon inquiry.

The price is generally calculated with a base amount per word (in EUR/USD/AUD), which is then adjusted taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Turnaround time: urgent jobs incur an extra charge, undetermined deadlines can be lower since they can have a lower priority
  • Difficulty of the text: documents that are extremely technical require a longer research time, therefore incur a higher rates. “Marketing-type” texts also require longer time, since the final texts must appeal to a different audience and must therefore be adapted to the cultural particularities of Italian. Simpler texts that are standardised or very repetitive can incur a lower price.
  • Format of the document: easily editable documents (Word, Excel, text formats, etc.) incur the normal rate, while documents that need pre- and post-processing (PDF, complex layouts, heavily tagged documents) will be assessed separately. In some cases there will be a separate quote provided for simple translation of the text and a basic DTP work (charged at an hourly rate). Please note that extensive or specialised DTP work is outside our field of expertise. In this case we might be able to help you to find a suitable expert.
  • Type of work: translation is our basic business. We also provide editing (checking the source and target texts for mistakes, grammar, inconsistencies, style, cultural appropriateness, etc.) and proofreading (checking the target text for spelling mistakes, grammar, missing or repeated words or sentences, etc.) which is billed at an hourly rate. Localization of software and websites are billed as normal translations, except when extra-work is required, e.g. language testing of the finished software, which is billed hourly.
  • Length: very short texts incur a minimum charge to account for the time taken for administrative purposes related to the job. Very long or recurring translation assignments can incur a lower rate if the other conditions above warrant it.

Please contact us providing as many details as possible and the text or a sample of the text to be translated to receive a full FREE quote today!


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