Translation is a service, not a commodity. It requires more than simply replacing one word in English with a corresponding word into Italian. Translation is really about conveying the thoughts and ideas of one language into another language.

Furthermore, technical translation requires not only language skills but a vast array of knowledge across several industries. A sound understanding of mechanics, engineering, manufacturing processes and electronics forms the basis of the wide spectrum of sectors we are able to translate for.

Terminology is also fundamental: accuracy and suitability of technical terms are vital for the correct understanding of operator manuals, procedures and specifications, with the consequent safe operation of machinery and equipment.

The main services we provide are:

Translation: Also known by the acronym TEP, this is the foundation of any translation project: turning concepts in one language into equivalent concepts in a different language. The use of specialized translation tools greatly increase consistency within the text and across many similar texts and control over terminology, while eliminating the chance of parts being missed or skipped.

Editing and proofreading: The translated text is reviewed for style, fluency and accuracy. At this stage any typo, grammar mistake or inconsistency that may have creeped in is definitely corrected.

Quality Assurance: Several checks are performed to ensure that nothing is missing, terminology is applied correctly and consistently and the original layout of the document is respected.

Glossary and terminology management: We can create and manage glossaries based on legacy documentation or create them from scratch with the appropriate research, taking advantage of the many reference resources we have accumulated over time. We can then ensure that the terminology choices agreed with the client are respected in any subsequent translation relating to the same material.

Formats:  While the most common document format for translation is Microsoft Word or other similar word-processing file, we can easily work on spreadsheets, databases, presentations, websites, InDesign files and many more.

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